I began collecting records in 1974 at the age of 8. My deejaying started in 1976 when my best friend and I would take turns spinning records from our collections during fifth grade recess. Entering college in 1984, I immediately sought out the 10,000 watt campus radio station, WCVT 89.7 FM, where I spent *A LOT* of my time for the remainder of the Eighties and the beginning of the Nineties. For years I co-hosted the Steve & Skizz Show; hosted my own Psycho-Drive Time show; hosted the Local Band Show; and hosted numerous special broadcasts. I eventually became Music Director for the last several years of my involvement there. In 1989, the Baltimore City Paper awarded me a Best Of Baltimore award for Best FM Deejay. Also during that time, I began to occasionally deejay at bars, clubs, and parties, which I continue to do today.

I have one rule when deejaying: I only play music I like. My sets and playlists focus a lot on Sixties surf, garage, mod, beat, psych, British Invasion, funk and soul; Seventies and Eighties punk, new wave, post-punk, power-pop, glam & bubblegum, Krautrock, college radio hits & deep cuts; PLUS Western swing & classic country; jazz and novelty records from any decade; and plenty of contemporary acts keeping any of the previously mentioned genres alive. I will gladly play requests if I have them, but only if I like them.

In May of 2022, I began hosting POINT ME AT THE SKY, a 3-hour program airing every other Tuesday morning (9am to noon EST), and then rebroadcast the following Monday evening (9pm to midnight EST), on the Radio Plastique internet radio station. Tune in via the website or the app. The shows are archived here on Mixcloud.

For upcoming DJ gigs, check the schedule page.

For bookings, please email bfink2-at-gmail-dot-com


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